The man confessed to killing his wife, but the body turned out to be 1600 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — In a peat bog, detectives found the body of the artist Maliki de Fernandez, who was killed by her husband. The find surprised everyone.

The incident took place in 1959, when the traveler Malika de Fernandez met an airline employee, Peter Rein-Bardt. They stayed together for only a few months, after which the woman disappeared without a trace. For two decades, the story remained unsolved.

Suddenly, a part of the body was found in a peat bog. The terrain is characterized by the presence of special acids due to reactions with peat, which perfectly preserve flesh. The forensic experts immediately presented the evidence to Peter. He realized that it would be impossible to hide his crime. In fact, if he decided to remain silent further, he would have managed to get out of the water due to further circumstances.

Forensics sent the victim’s head to Oxford University to confirm the age of the body part. The results shocked everyone: the skull belonged to a supposedly Roman woman who lived 1600 years ago.

The investigation found out that the woman threatened her husband with revealing the truth that he was gay, and in the last century for England, where the man lived, this was not permissible. In a fit of rage, Peter accidentally killed his wife while shaking her. To get rid of the evidence, he dismembered the body, throwing it into a peat bog.


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