The man behaved so well that his wife was returned from the afterlife

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 960-1127, an official named Zhang Qing lived in China, a man in charge of lawsuits. He always acted in good faith, never took bribes and delved into the smallest details of cases, as he understood that he had the fate of people in his hands.

Zhang Qing helped clean dishes for prisoners of his own free will, regularly read Buddhist sutras. He did this every time before the execution of criminals.

Once there was a terrible epidemic that claimed the life of the official’s wife. Incredibly, somehow, a wife named Yuan Shi returned from the world of the dead on the third day. As she later told herself, she met an old man in a dazzling white decoration. He stated that Zhang Qing has been doing good deeds all his life, so his descendants will be successful people. Then he asked the woman what she was doing in the world of the dead.

A year after the incident, the official had a son, Han, who received a military rank, and then became an assistant manager of the palace vault. Han had six sons, two of whom turned out to be the best in imperial exams.

Thus, the Universe always helps truly kind people. They can count on the support of Heaven, just like their children.


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