The main quarantine violators in the world

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  Ukrainians turned out to be one of the main quarantine violators in the world. It is reported by with reference to data from Apple.

It is clarified that the country began to walk only 49 percent less compared to the beginning of the year. Drive a car less than 35 percent.

These figures are among the lowest in the world. The authors of the study note that in other countries, people have limited their movement much more. Data is based on the use of Apple Maps on brand devices.

Since April 6, Ukraine has tightened quarantine, which was extended until April 24. The country has limited movement of people during their stay on the street, mass events are prohibited. Ukrainians are required to be in public places in personal protective equipment. For the absence of masks, citizens can be brought to administrative responsibility.

Ukraine has set a new record for the incidence of coronavirus. 501 cases of infection were detected per day. The total number of infected, according to data on Friday, April 17, amounted to 4662.


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