The main danger of the mutated coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — A new mutation of the coronavirus, which is spreading very quickly across Europe, is considered more infectious than the form previously present. After assessing all the risks associated with the mutation, scientists said that there could very well be another wave of COVID-19, which will lead to dire consequences.

The variant of the infection that is raging in the UK can turn into a very dangerous phase of a pandemic.

Previously, experts could give at least some predictions, but today they do not know what to expect from a new strain of coronavirus. Jeremy Farrar believes that at the moment, people have entered the “unpredictable phase” of the coronavirus.

Scientists are very much afraid that a new strain may become dominant. Considering that it is transmitted much easier and faster, then a new wave of the pandemic will lead to the death of a huge number of people.

Because of this, some of the countries accelerated the process of providing vaccines to the public, and also began to discuss dosages that could help protect people faster. Scientists also urge the authorities to strengthen control measures in all countries, because the new strain has begun to spread outside the UK.


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