The “longest-lived” ozone hole has closed

(ORDO NEWS) — The ozone hole over Antarctica, considered one of the largest, closed in late December, according to the World Meteorological Organization at the United Nations (WMO). It is specified that the ozone hole reached its maximum size in the fall of 2020.

WMO recalls that the ozone hole over Antarctica has grown rapidly since mid-August last year and peaked on September 20, with a total area of ​​24.8 million square kilometers. This hole was one of the largest and deepest since monitoring of the Earth‘s ozone layer began 40 years ago.

This was due to the stable cold polar vortex and very low temperatures in the stratosphere.

The ozone layer, located in the stratosphere at an altitude of 10 to 40 kilometers, protects the planet from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation emanating from the Sun.


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