The level of the oceans rises catastrophically quickly

(ORDO NEWS) — Every year, the problem of climate change on Earth is becoming more serious. Over the past decade, the amount of ice in the Arctic has decreased by 13% when comparing these figures with 1979.

Due to the fact that the ice is actively melting and the oceans have become warmer, the level of the World Ocean is increasing by 3.1 mm annually.

This indicator is called by experts the highest in the last century, when observations are being made.

A similar trend was recorded by experts from the European Union climate change service Copernicus, who provided the most detailed report on this matter.

They noted that so much underwater ice has melted in the Arctic over 40 years that it can be compared to the area of ​​six territories in Germany. Most of all, the water temperature has increased in the Arctic Ocean. It accounts for about 4% of the total global warming.

Also, climate change has become the reason that some of the marine life began to migrate to waters with lower temperatures. For example, a poisonous lionfish moved to the Ionian Sea from the Suez Canal two years ago, where significant warming was recorded.

Sea level rise is not a future problem. Already today you can see the harm caused by this process. A great example of this is the flooding of 80% of Venice in 2019 with a record flood. In the same year, 4 cases of severe water level rise were also recorded in some parts of the Mediterranean.


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