The last major astronomical phenomena of 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — A corridor of eclipses is expected in November this year. This is a period when several rare astronomical phenomena occur in turn. First, the inhabitants of the Earth will observe a lunar eclipse, and then a solar eclipse.

Moon eclipse

The Moon of the Dead will be the first to rise over the world on November 30th. The event will be the fourth this year and penumbral. It will begin when the lunar disk passes into the shadow cast by the Earth. It may seem that the moon has increased significantly in size. The subject will darken partially or completely, and will also acquire a dark red color.

The full moon in November was named Beaver. Ancient people noticed that before winter these animals completely finished construction and became less active. On a full moon day, hunters often set traps for these animals.

The phenomenon is also called the Moon of the Dead or Mad Moon. There is no mystical connotation: just our companion passes from the sign of Taurus to the sign of Gemini.

Solar eclipse

On December 14, a solar eclipse is expected: the Moon will completely block the Sun. People will observe the crown around the star hidden behind a natural satellite. Due to the incandescence of the star’s photosphere, the corona will have a blue tint. Residents of Chile, Argentina and partly South America will be able to watch the rare event.

Astrologers to this day are sure that any eclipses make people aggressive and agitated. Ancient people believed that they portended misfortune and misfortune. According to psychologists, the problem lies more in self-hypnosis. Astronomical events cannot bring any negativity to families.


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