The largest iceberg in the world continues to fall apart

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts are concerned about the fate of the A-68a iceberg, which has already disintegrated into 13 parts. According to the US National Ice Center, the object has come close to the point of complete destruction.

An iceberg, code-named A-68a, broke away from the Larsen Glacier in northern Antarctica on July 12, 2017. Since then, the ice mass has been constantly drifting towards the north.

At first, the area of ​​the iceberg was 6 thousand square meters. km, but since April 2020 the object has been actively losing its mass due to disintegration into smaller parts.

Last week, the block of ice split right in the middle, in a relatively warm aquatic environment near South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic.

Cracks began to appear on both sides of the object. Scientists count 13 parts that broke away from the iceberg, of which 7 were formed in just the past few days.

The disintegration of the iceberg, according to experts, is a positive phenomenon. Otherwise, the block could crash into the bottom of a nearby island, killing many seals, penguins and whales. Now there is still a threat, but it is several times less.


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