The largest iceberg in the world began to collapse

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the summer of 2017, the A-68 iceberg broke away from the Antarctic glacier. Initially, the ice area was 5800 square meters. km, today the iceberg is rapidly fading.

On April 23, object A-68 lost a 175-square-meter plot. km A block of ice is sent to the South Atlantic, where a warm current carries it. Scientists knew that sooner or later the iceberg would begin to split into pieces. In the case of the A-68, this process was delayed.

According to Andrian Lackman of Swansea University, some fragments of the iceberg will remain for a long period. Now the ice block resembles sheet A4: it is also wide and thin.

Recall that the iceberg split occurred from the Larsen C glacier. The massive part of the ice reached the Weddell Sea and has been drifting for three years in the vast southern hemisphere. The block is currently located near the South Orkney Islands.


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