The largest black hole in the universe suddenly disappeared

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(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers are trying to figure out what happened and are confused – one of the largest black holes in the universe, located in the star cluster Abell 2261, suddenly disappeared.

Abell 2261 is home to more compact galaxies and is considered one of the largest structures in the universe. At the center of the cluster is the incredibly bright galaxy A2261-BCG, which has the largest galactic nucleus ever discovered by astronomers, about 10,000 light-years across.

Such “sizes” are due to the presence of a huge black hole in it. The galactic nucleus A2261-BCG emits powerful radiation containing a diffuse mist of blinding starlight.

Despite the use of modern powerful Hubble and Chandra telescopes, researchers have not yet been able to detect at least some traces of a black hole.

A team of astronomers led by Kayhan Gultekin from the University of Michigan suggested that she could have been “thrown” from the galaxy, but where, in this case, she is now is unknown.

Black holes consume everything in the universe. But what could have swallowed up a black hole?


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