The Kennedy assassination and the UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — For the United States, the date November 11, 1963 has become a black mark. On that sunny day, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (the youngest president in the country’s history), was fatally wounded by a rifle with a telescopic sight. It was at that moment when he, along with his wife, the beautiful Jacqueline, drove in the presidential motorcade through the streets of Dallas, welcoming his people.

An American, an ardent supporter of the left, Lee Harvey Oswald, was accused of his death. The official version of the assassination attempt on the head of the country did not convince numerous criminologists and did not satisfy scrupulous historians. Everything looked too primitive, like in a bad detective. Interestingly, the epoch-making murder has not been solved to this day. But this is not surprising. Soon after the assassination attempt, the president’s killer, the killer’s killer, as well as a bunch of important witnesses who could have helped at least a little in unraveling this bloody tragedy, mysteriously passed away. And many versions were offered.

The official theory looked hasty and suspiciously elementary: the murder was the work of a lonely maniac Lee Harvey Oswald, who, having lived for some time in Minsk, picked up communist views there. Up to 75% of curious Americans are convinced that the country’s official authorities are hiding the whole truth about this case. They believe that John F. Kennedy was the victim of a complex, multi-stage conspiracy of the highest political and financial circles in the United States. Back in 1979, the US House of Representatives Commission came to a similar conclusion. They say that there was an ordinary conspiracy. And who was involved in the secret conspiracy? The most varied opinions were put forward. Someone hinted that by starting the issue of US Treasury notes, John F. Kennedy encroached on the country’s Federal Reserve, which, being an instrument of the invisible rulers of the world, made it possible to manage the financial situation not only in the United States.

By the way, Vice President Lyndon Johnson later returned to the Federal Reserve notes. Others believe that Kennedy was killed in response to his declared fight against the mafia. It is believed that Kennedy was an ardent opponent of a military solution to the Vietnam problem. Just a few days after the assassination of President Lyndon Johnson annulled Kennedy’s directive on the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam, and becoming president, increased the American military presence there.


And now, almost 50 years after the death of President John F. Kennedy, sensational details regarding his last written orders are being revealed. It turns out that a couple of weeks before the assassination attempt, the President of the United States demanded top-secret information about flying saucers (UFOs) from the special services. On the topic of space development, John F. Kennedy sent two requests: one to the CIA and the other to NASA. These documents lay in the dust of the archives of the above-mentioned powerful organizations for many years, but still became public, which was facilitated by the American publicist William Lester. Working on his new book about John F. Kennedy, the writer won the right to familiarize himself with the content of some archival documents. And, looking through the historical papers, Lester came across several sensations at once, which he hastened to acquaint the public with.

Among the papers, he found a letter dated November 12, 1963, addressed to the director of the CIA. In it, Kennedy demanded to send him a detailed report on the secret materials of the department, dedicated to unidentified flying objects and other supernatural discoveries and phenomena. In the next letter addressed to the administration of the National Space Agency (NASA), Kennedy insistently expressed his desire to cooperate with the Soviet Union in the field of space development, research, and even unite scientific efforts in space exploration. True, there is no talk of any destruction of the Iron Curtain. went on.

After the famous Cuban missile crisis, relations between the two nuclear powers became strained. And nevertheless, according to the deep conviction of Mr. Lester, the coincidence of such documents in time is far from accidental. The fact is that the flying saucers were then recorded in flight over the territory of the Soviet Union. And Kennedy, not without reason, feared that the Soviet Union might regard the appearance of unidentified objects in the skies over its territory as a military aggression by the United States. Further, Lester writes: “I believe that John F. Kennedy wanted to get this secret information at his disposal in order to, on behalf of NASA present it to the authorities of the USSR.”


And now the documents at the disposal of journalists once again convince ufologists that the US president was ruined by his own curiosity about flying saucers. Researchers of supernatural phenomena believe that behind the tragic death of Kennedy there were forces that did not really want the president of the country , who was wildly popular with the common people, knew the whole truth about the secrets of NASA. Numerous proponents of conspiracy theories began to recall other documents based on the published documents and the new circumstances of the Kennedy case. For example, in 1999, the ufologist Timothy Cooper incognito handed over curious papers with traces of burning in the margins. They contained the correspondence of high-ranking CIA officials.

In particular, the director of the intelligence service drew the attention of a certain addressee to the fact that Ulan (the pseudonym of President Kennedy) is too zealous and actively making inquiries, they say, his curiosity must be “tempered.” CIA, who worked in US intelligence from 1960 to 1974. The authenticity of these documents was repeatedly questioned by experts, and their last owner turned to experts from the police for a professional opinion. But until now, no one has seen the result of the examination.

It should be remembered here that now, by a strange coincidence, classified materials about UFOs are increasingly becoming the property of the general public. How can you not remember that recently the FBI declassified documents about the visit of aliens to our planet. The “top secret” stamp has been removed from several business papers and memorandums, which tell of the ominous story of the crash of three flying saucers at the secret Los Alamos training ground in Nevada. Coincidence?


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