The Indian spoke about his meeting with the “star people”

(ORDO NEWS) — Clark Luther, an Indian who lived on a North Dakota reservation, spoke of his 1951 encounter with the Star People in North Dakota.

One day the whole family disappeared. I was a young man when the family disappeared in 1946. They were never found. When their relatives went to visit them, they found it was as if they had got up in the middle of dinner and left. The food is on the table and everything seems to be in order, except for the family. There were seven of them in total: they disappeared. No one else on the reservation saw them. They performed a ceremony and the shaman said that they were taken to live among the Star People. Luther says that the Star People’s visit to the reservation was not uncommon when he was a child.

“Sometimes, when people disappeared on the reservation, they said that the Star People took them to live among the stars,” he said.

Luther described his own UFO encounter: “Five years after the family disappeared. One evening I was by the lake. The horses went there in the evenings, and I wanted to harness one of the horses grazing by the lake and take her to the stable. It was about dusk. Suddenly the hairs on my body stood on end, as if from an electric shock.

I looked around and saw it. A huge object appeared above the hill to the north of the estate. It happened slowly. It was about the size of a battleship. I sat down by the lake and watched. The horses ran away. I was lonely. The ship moved to the center of the lake and just stayed there, not moving. He hovered in the air. At some point, I headed back to the hut. I think that’s when they saw me. Suddenly, like a spotlight, a light came on and fell directly on me. I kept walking. I didn’t know what else to do. When I returned to the house, I went inside.

I went to the bedroom to look out the window and that’s when I saw them. Two of them. They were in my bedroom. I stopped, froze when I saw them. They looked at me and seemed as surprised as I was. Their height was more than two meters. They were dressed in light-colored uniforms that shone when the light of the ship fell on them. I started backing towards the door and they told me they would not harm me. They were looking for something. I realized it was something they left here, but they couldn’t find it. When I asked them what they were looking for, they answered, but I did not understand what they said. Luther describes aliens as “human like beings.”

They told me not to be afraid, and I was not afraid, ”Luther said. – They actually behaved as if I was not even in the room … Busily looking for something, not paying any attention to me.

He also says that these aliens had an unusual device that looked like a staff and had lights flashing on it. The strangest car I’ve ever seen, he says. – I have never seen anything like it, although I have seen a lot in the war. They held him and led him around the room. The stick must have been talking to them or something, because when they pointed it in all directions, they seemed to be satisfied that I didn’t have what they were looking for. They put him in a holster and he stopped blinking.

The extraterrestrial visitors then returned to their ship and left. But before the ship took off, it stopped and hovered over the place where the missing family once lived. “Their hut was flooded with water after the government built the lake (and the area was flooded). I watched for 30-40 minutes. The spaceship was just hanging there. No movement, no sound, and then suddenly it moved up and disappeared. I haven’t seen him since.

We are aliens ourselves

Apollo 12 astronaut Al Warden made no secret of his beliefs about extraterrestrial life:

“We are aliens ourselves. We think that they are someone else, but we ourselves are those who came from somewhere else. Our ancestors boarded a small spaceship and … flew here … landed and … gave birth to civilization here.”

Many astronauts said that no doubt aliens have visited us and continue to visit, and that NASA astronauts were privileged enough to receive this kind of information. For example, astronaut Edgar Mitchell was quite outspoken about this throughout his life.


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