The image of the Virgin Mary, drawn in chalk 13 years ago, appeared on the asphalt

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the Mexican city of Monterrey, in the municipality of Guadalupe, the image of the Virgin Mary appeared on the asphalt, which people took for a miracle. Today, pilgrims are coming to the parking lot.

If you look at the photo, you can decide that the Virgin Mary appeared as if from an oily spot. In fact, it was painted in 2007 with crayons by an unknown artist during the Bella Vía festival. It would seem that the story has received its logical conclusion, but no.

The Mother of God was drawn with crayons, but not a single crayon can last on surfaces for 13 years. Rains and cars would have erased everything down to the last line. This alignment of events can also be called a kind of miracle.

As the images spread across the Web, people from all over the world began to come to the image of the Virgin Mary. The drawing was fenced off with traffic cones and watered regularly to make the Mother of God more visible. On dry asphalt, the image is almost invisible.

The artist who left his mark in the parking lot was found. He confirmed that it was his job. Unfortunately, the identity of the creator is not revealed. Neither the local authorities nor the artist himself can explain how the drawing manages to survive for such a long time.

Some commentators have rudely stated that there is no miracle. It’s just that some pigments can react with water, which has an increased level of acidity. This supposedly takes place in a school chemistry course.

Meanwhile, the drawing continues to spread over the Internet, and pilgrims visit the parking lot with a miracle that has arisen there.


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