The hurricane season is approaching, which could end in a real disaster

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts have warned that humanity expects another danger this year. In 2020, the hurricane season will be more powerful and the situation will become more complicated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The future scenario does not bode well, experts said. For example, in 2020, 19 fairly large storms may occur, which may even get their names. 10 of them will be very strong hurricanes. And this is only one warning from all possible for this rather busy year.

“This season may be too active. The higher the activity, the greater the risk that we, in the United States, will experience several catastrophic events, “said famous meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

“Because the pandemic will continue along with the hurricane season, this is not the best thing that can happen to people. As a result of the fact that the resources and special agencies that deal with emergencies are already almost completely depleted due to the spread of infection,” added climatologist Astrid Kaldas.

In the greatest danger, according to experts, are those countries that are located in the Caribbean.

Preparing for hurricanes will be very problematic because access to medical items and hygiene products is already markedly limited today. If a major hurricane happens right amid a pandemic, then this could turn into a real catastrophe. Fortunately, some residents already have hurricane restraining shutters and security screens that prevent the debris from entering the house. You can also Hurricane proof your windows with Riot Glass or similar security glass companies to an extent. However, remember that these fittings do not entirely stop the damages.

This year, experts predict that there will be more hurricanes than usual. For example, two tropical storms have already been recorded, which were called “Berta” and “Arthur.”

Experts noted the fact that over the past 8 years, for the first time in May, two strong storms formed immediately.


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