The head of the Israeli space program spoke about the presence of aliens on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — On December 4, Haim Eshed, the head of Israel‘s space program, gave a very strange interview to one of the country’s largest newspapers. In it, he talked about the fact that he has evidence regarding the presence of aliens on Earth.

Aliens, who arrive on Earth as UFOs, at the very beginning demanded that the governments of the countries not tell anyone that they are present on the planet. Humanity is not yet ready for such news. Regularly, US presidents tried to tell everyone that there are aliens on Earth. Donald Trump tried to make a similar statement. But the aliens intervened again and began to insist that it was too early for people to talk about them, because they would not be able to correctly perceive the information provided to them.

The head of the space program also added that the aliens and the United States entered into an agreement between themselves. They will wait until humanity can develop sufficiently and begin to understand what space and spaceships really are.

From what Professor Ashhed said, the conspiracy theorists learned nothing new. They are well aware of the fact that aliens allowed humans to make a technological breakthrough, without which modern technologies would appear, at best, only 500 years later. Also, conspiracy theorists know that the “Martians” keep world politics under control and even managed to build their own bases not only on Earth, but also on other planets in our solar system.

Many took the words of the former head of the space program seriously, because this is not some blogger who came up with another story to become popular. For many years, conspiracy theorists have been talking about a certain Disclosure, and now it, in their opinion, has already begun.


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