The guy does not know about the pandemic, although he has already been sick with coronavirus twice

(ORDO NEWS) — The guy slept for almost a whole year and did not even know that the coronavirus was spreading around the world. At the same time, he managed to get ill with it twice.

It is hardly possible to call a teenager a lucky one, because he has other serious health problems.

Joseph Flavill from Great Britain was hit by a car near his home when he was 19. It happened just a few weeks before strict isolation was introduced in the country.

The guy received a serious head injury and fell into a coma, in which he was for six months. After that, Joseph was in the rehabilitation center for another four months.

During all this time, he managed to get sick with coronavirus twice. The first time is still in a coma and the second – almost immediately after waking up.

Doctors noticed progress in the guy’s condition only a few weeks ago. Joseph began to finally open his eyes and gradually move his limbs.

The guy’s relatives said that they do not know how well Joseph understands the current situation in the world, because the accident happened even before the first isolation.

Then no one suspected that the coronavirus would cause quarantine around the world. They also added that Joseph fell asleep in the normal world and woke up in the post-apocalypse.


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