The Gulf Stream becomes weaker glaciation threatens Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — German experts from the Potsdam Institute for the Study of Climate Change have come to the conclusion that in the future Europe may be under an ice crust. The reason for this is the loss of power by the Gulf Stream.

The Gulf Stream is responsible for moving warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the UK. The water flow directly affects the climate of the territories, making it softer and warmer in winter.

The current began to lose ground back in the 1850s. By the 1950s, the Gulf Stream slowed significantly due to environmental pollution: the formation of the stream was disrupted. T

he influx of fresh water from melted glaciers into the ocean also played a role. It is more and more difficult for warm water to descend, it goes to the north, the cycle is broken.

By the end of the century, scientists predict that the current will weaken by almost half. This will cause worsening weather conditions around the world. The current moves 20 million m 3 of water every second , which is a hundred times more than the Amazon.

One day, the flow will become unstable, the ecosystem will collapse. Western Europe will tolerate many times harsher winters and drier warm seasons. The number of storms will increase.

The weakening of the Gulf Stream will also affect the monsoon systems of Africa and Asia. Climatic changes will be irreversible, it will only be necessary to adapt to them.


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