The Grand Canyon’s great inconsistency mystery solved

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of Colorado conducted a study that helped to unravel one of the most difficult mysteries about the Grand Canyon and its geological features. 

The mystery of the “Great Inconsistency” is finally fully revealed. It is worth noting that this phenomenon was first described almost a century and a half ago, and since that time geologists have not received any new information.

It is reported by

Barra Peak noted that the cliffs and numerous red cliffs that are observed in the Grand Canyon should be thought of as a textbook on the history of our planet. If the size of the rocks is somewhat reduced, then you can easily travel back in time by almost 2 billion years. 

The oddity in this case is that the “textbook” does not provide all the information, because some pages are missing.

In some areas of the Grand Canyon, experts have not been able to find stones that are more than 1 billion years old. Geologists have been trying for a long time to determine the reason for this. No information or explanation could be found regarding the Great Discrepancy.

Today, experts reported that a whole series of faults may have shaken the area quite hard. It happened when the ancient supercontinent Rodinia split into pieces. Because of this, the area around the canyon was completely damaged, and all rocks and rocks were washed away from the ocean by a huge amount of water

At the same time, such a large-scale event could affect the areas of the Grand Canyon at different times, which provoked the emergence of the “Great Discrepancy”.


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