The global shortage of computer chips where will it lead

(ORDO NEWS) — In our time, it is semiconductors that are an integral component of modern technologies, because they are used almost everywhere, both in smartphones and in cars. But when it turns out that there are fewer of them, then this threatens a real problem. And in the past few years, companies have been limiting themselves in productivity, writes Markets Insider.

This problem may become even greater, because due to the shortage of semiconductors, problems may arise for national security.

On this occasion, President Biden said that he would do his best to help solve this problem in this technology industry. It has now become known that in a package of $ 2 trillion, 50 billion will be spent on new research and production of semiconductors.

But even despite this, experts say that the problem will still remain.

Tech strategist Ted Mortonson also spoke about this. According to him, it is the development of 5G, telecommunications companies, as well as companies for the production of electric vehicles that is becoming a large part of which there is a shortage of this product.

Mark Fields also spoke about this problem. He said the chip shortage could be as big as COVID in 2020. It is worth noting that due to the pandemic, car manufacturers have lost almost 3 million pieces of equipment.


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