The girl wore a corset for several years to become like Kim Kardashian

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A fan of the Kardashian Family reality show participant and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian-West regularly repeated celebrity images and became famous on the net. It is reported by The Sun.

28-year-old Jennifer Ward from Los Angeles spends six hours a day to look like Kardashian. For the sake of this, she regularly orders similar clothes, does similar hairstyles and makeup, and also devotes time to training. Moreover, Ward bought three different corsets, which she has been wearing for several years, so that her body resembles an hourglass.

“I never did plastic surgery – this is what sets me apart from Kim’s other counterparts,” the girl said.

According to the blogger, it all started in 2007, when she was often compared with a participant in the reality show “Kardashian Family.” After a while, Ward became a fan of the television program and purposefully began to imitate the image of a 39-year-old celebrity. So, in April 2018, Kardashian retweeted one of the photos of the girl on whom she mimicked the outfit and makeup of the star.

“I watch Kim’s stories on Instagram every day, as I need to carefully monitor everything she does. It can be said that this has become my full-time job. Her style is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. After all, she alone is a trendsetter,” the American shared.

According to the blogger, sometimes people come up to her on the street and ask for a selfie. “Someone once asked me to come for the birthday of a family member in the role of Kim. It’s a compliment for me, because my goal is to look like her, ”Ward added. She also noted that she likes to buy cheap versions of her outfits: “I have a large dressing room at home, and I keep all my Kim clothes in one place.”

In addition, the 28-year-old girl announced her desire to “follow in the footsteps of Kim”: to appear for magazine covers and advertising campaigns, as well as collaborate with major brands and create your own.

In October 2019, a double of Kim Kardashian was found in Dubai. Beauty blogger Sonia Ali, born in the UK, has become popular due to her resemblance to a celebrity. It is known that a 24-year-old girl maintains a joint Instagram account with her 27-year-old sister. On their page, they do reviews on cosmetics.


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