The girl was collecting shellfish and came across a giant dinosaur footprint

(ORDO NEWS) — Most recently, a trace of an incomprehensible creature was found, but soon scientists found out that this is the trace of the “Jurassic giant”, which had a body measuring 8-9 meters.

According to Mail Online , this event took place on the shores of Yorkshire, and discovered a trail that is more than 175 million years old, a girl who was simply collecting shellfish.

The girl’s name is Marie Woods, she is engaged in archeology, and she immediately left a message on Twitter about her find .

The archaeologist reports that the trail is very easy to destroy, because now it is very fragile, and the water is very close to it, which can also make its own adjustments. After this event happened, the former urban archaeologist also arrived at the site and took a whole series of photographs in case it was not possible to pick up the find, then it could be recreated using 3D. In addition, the specialist who works with the fossils, together with Mari, took measurements of her find.

This is not the first time such traces have been found on the coast of Yorkshire, and some experts have spent more than ten years to find such things, including Martin White and Mike Romano who gave this case 20 years.


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