The girl showed her hands and stunned netizens

(ORDO NEWS) — The girl showed everyone her hands and tried to prove that she was an alien. She has unusual hands. There are only four fingers on each hand, and not five, like ordinary people.

A TikTok user who signed up as alcequine posted another video a few days ago. On it, she showed her unusual hands, where one finger is missing. But these are not all the features of a young girl. She also showed off the structure of her arms to convince users that she is an alien. At the same time, the girl spoke about the presence of such a disease as ectrodactyly.

The pathology is congenital and is characterized by the partial absence of fingers on the hands.

In addition, the index fingers are incredibly flexible, as demonstrated by alcequine_ in another video. It immediately spread on the network and in a matter of days gained over 11 million views, as well as several dozen comments.

Subscribers, in turn, expressed their admiration for such amazing hands and considered them “incredibly beautiful”. The girl herself says that she loves her hands very much and considers this to be her highlight.


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