The girl saw a ghost in her video and got scared

(ORDO NEWS) — The little Scot was frightened when she noticed a flying white ball in the frames of her video for TikTok, which cannot be said about her mother. The woman claims that the alleged ghost is a family friend who helps her look after the children and is not doing it for the first time.

Ten-year-old Kayla Paterson from Scotland recorded videos all night from May 23 to 24 to publish them later in her TikTok account. By morning, she was playing a popular dance when she suddenly broke off due to what she saw in the frame, reports Daily Record.

The girl saw a ghost in the video with her and was frightened. A new and unexpected participant in the video was a round and almost transparent sphere, which flew very close to the girl. By the reaction of Kayla, you can understand that she was scared in earnest, covering her mouth in horror and turning off the recording. It seems that, unlike other ticktokers, the girl is not looking for a meeting with the paranormal, either with a filter or just like that.

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Impressed by what she saw, Kyle woke her two brothers and mother to look at the scary shots together. However, while her daughter was shaking with horror, her mother, Nicola Paterson, reacted quite calmly to the situation. No, the woman did not find a rational explanation for what happened, she admitted that the strange sphere was a ghost, and, moreover, she was grateful to him for his help with the children. According to Paterson Sr., she asked Kyle not to stay up late and go to sleep, but the girl did not obey. Mom believes that in the end, the schoolgirl visited a ghost for the misconduct.

The paranormal, Nicola claims, helped her daughter begin to behave better. The last few nights, Kyle was a little scared, so before going to bed she did not sit on the phone and fell asleep early, and this is a good result for me. So I am grateful for the help! – explained the Scot. She also added that she believes in the paranormal and believes that this is not the first time her daughter visits a ghost. This has already happened twice, my mother is sure, and usually happened after the death of someone close to the family, as in a cottage with a frightening story in the US.

After a little thought, Nikola came to the conclusion that this time the ghost was a friend of the woman’s parents, to whom Kayla was very attached. Along with this, Nicola claims that all the visits took place exactly when the girl either sang or danced. The first time this happened when Kayla performed the dance in two years, and the second time – when she sang a song from the movie “Frozen.” It seems to always happen when people die, and it is always associated with music and dancing. Kayla asked why this happens to her, and I replied – this is because she always dances, ”explained Nikola. “My whole family loves music and performances, so that makes sense.”


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