The girl accidentally moved to live in a community of retirees

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone dreams of quiet, calm neighbors. But 19-year-old Madison Kohut is more fortunate with neighbors than other people on the whole planet.

The girl unknowingly moved to live in a community of retirees. But such a curiosity did not disappoint her at all.

Reported by USA.ONE.

The girl, as if nothing had happened, signed a lease and moved to new apartments in the city of Arkansas. At the age of 19, few would have thought about carefully reading the contract. Madison Kohut didn’t read it either.

After moving into a new apartment, for the first time, she did not pay attention to the neighbors. Perhaps, she might have been busy choosing the wall decals for her new place or was partying with her friends. But I soon noticed that all the inhabitants around were elderly people.

All neighbors were over 65 years old. Only a week later, the girl noticed a table on the street with the inscription: “The Society of Pensioners.”

She turned out to be the only teenager in the area, but this fact did not upset Madison Kohut in the least.

The girl fell in love with her area and found a million advantages of living in it. Firstly, all its neighbors are quiet and calm people (due to their venerable age). Secondly, she can turn on and listen to her favorite music whenever she wants, because no one will hear her anyway.

She also likes the openness and kindness of older people. Here everyone is interested in each other’s affairs, polite and kind. A month’s rent in such an area costs only $ 350, which is cheap enough for the United States. Therefore, the young lady is very happy with this coincidence.


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