The geomagnetic disaster that killed the Neanderthals could be repeated

(ORDO NEWS) — 42 thousand years ago, the Earth was in the middle of the Ice Age, which was superimposed on the change of magnetic poles. As a result, there were serious climate changes that killed the Neanderthals.

Events took place in the Stone Age, by the end of which Europe lost our evolutionary ancestors, and in Australia all animals larger than kangaroos died out. Experts attributed this to the sudden collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field, which made the planet defenseless against a wave of cosmic radiation.

After studying the magnetic field of our day, it was found that a similar scenario could be repeated. The North Pole will in fact become the South Pole.

The destruction of the magnetic field leads to the disappearance of the ozone layer. The solar wind begins to provoke the aurora. Weather conditions are becoming more favorable for the formation of glaciers, said Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales.

In the past, glaciers grew in some regions and lightning-triggered forest fires raged in others. The magnetic pole is moving today. This process began a long time ago. The consequences, given the high carbon content in the atmosphere, will be even more dire.


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