The forecast of the future of humanity published: nothing good is worth waiting

(ORDO NEWS) — Krzysztof Jackowski, a fairly well-known Polish parapsychologist, published a not entirely pleasant forecast for humanity. So, the future is very vague and not entirely joyful: pandemics, economic problems and military conflicts are expected.

What is happening now, according to the man, is only the beginning of terrible things, although many consider the coronavirus pandemic to be real madness. There is still a third wave ahead, which will be the toughest, although it will start quite standardly, without shocks.

Countries will begin to expand the list of restrictions, the economy will begin to fall. Politicians will blame difficult epidemiological circumstances for everything, but in fact, not only the coronavirus will provoke problems.

The third world cannot be avoided. We can say that there is now a calm before the storm. Sensitiv recommended stocking up on food. Even if nothing terrible happens, the money will not be wasted. Summer promises to be very hot, some will have to survive due to poor harvests.

The main message is that the coronavirus pandemic is not over. Do not relax. There is also a financial crisis and, possibly, the outbreak of war ahead.


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