The first Iranian fuel tanker reaches the waters of Venezuela

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The first of five Iranian fuel tankers approached the waters of Venezuela, despite threats from Washington.

According to the Foreign Ministry of Venezuela, the United States is being pursued by tankers carrying fuel to the country, and this is a violation of international standards and the rights of citizens of the republic. In turn, the Iranian Foreign Ministry warned Washington against the persecution of Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela. Both countries are under US sanctions.

Venezuelan state television showed a warship and aircraft that are preparing to meet tankers as soon as they reach the country’s exclusive economic zone.

On May 20, The Wall Street Journal reported that US authorities are considering imposing sanctions and applying a number of other restrictive measures against Iran in connection with the supply of fuel to Venezuela.

At a briefing on May 21, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that the activity of the US Navy and US Air Force in the Caribbean looks like attempts to impose a naval blockade on Venezuela. Such activity occurs in parallel with increasing sanctions pressure on Caracas in a pandemic.

“The country is simply cut off from resources, preventing them from acquiring diagnostic and medicines, personal protective equipment, medical equipment and supplies,” said Maria Zakharova.


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