The first ever races on the moon will take place in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — The first car races on the moon will take place in 2021. The races will be attended by two cars, which are controlled by remote controls and Wi-Fi. Each car will weigh about 2.5 kg.

Teams of schoolchildren from the United States led by renowned designer Frank Stephenson will undertake the development of vehicles for racing on the moon. The transport will be delivered to the moon for racing using the Nova-C module, which will be placed on the rocket. The races will be broadcast using specialized cameras that will be attached to the vehicles.

6 teams of schoolchildren from different regions of the USA got the opportunity to participate in races on the moon. From 6 teams, the 2 best will be selected to create and drive racing cars. In order to select only 2 teams, all participants must pass a series of special qualified tests. Among them there will be drone races, computer races, and many other tests.

Since these races on the moon are the first in history, special preparations will be made for them. Cars will be tested under extreme conditions as they must be durable. After all, you need to be prepared for everything there, since it is not known what may happen there.


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