The fastest way to transmit coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — The experts concluded that singing contributes to the transmission of not only coronavirus, but other viruses as well. The reason lies in aerosol particles and droplets that people breathe out while singing.

Singing is the worst thing a person can do when surrounded by people. There are already many cases of the spread of Covid-19 due to the singing of choirs. The authorities of a number of countries have even decided to impose various restrictions on events and concerts. It is worth noting that not a single major experiment has yet been conducted to study how many aerosol particles enter the air during a person’s singing.

A Swedish group of scientists decided to clarify some information, which attracted twelve singers and several people who are definitely sick with an infection. Participants in the study in a special cell wore an air suit that was filled with clean air. People were analyzed during breathing, simple communication and singing with and without a mask on their face.

It was found that it is during singing that the greatest aerosols are released into the air. The louder the chanting, the higher the concentration. Certain droplets were so large that they could only fly a couple of tens of centimeters, while others could hover in the air. Only the mask helped to retain particles, but it is unlikely that singers will wear it during performances. Most of the droplets come from the mouth when consonants are pronounced, said aerosol doctoral student Malin Ahlsved.


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