The famous ufologist found a jet engine on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The alien fan is sure that he was able to find a jet engine on Mars. According to the ufologist, it could belong to the developed aliens that inhabited the planet. He could see this object in NASA photographs. Outwardly, the find is long, cylindrical, metal. According to a lover of inexplicable cosmic phenomena, this may be evidence that aliens really exist, and that they are more technologically advanced than humanity.

Discovered this subject in the photographs of Scott S. Waring. A well-known conspiracy theorist called the object evidence that there is life outside the Earth, that is, there are aliens, and the level of their development in scientific and technological activity, possibly significantly exceeds the level of people.

The ufologist announced the discovery of a strange artifact on his blog on YouTube. As he noted, on the surface of the Red Planet lies a strange object that looks like a modern jet engine. And although, according to a specialist in this field, this subject is quite old and lies under a layer of dust, you can clearly distinguish it from everything else in the picture in this area.

Waring believes that such a finding indicates that the inhabitants of Mars had engines more developed by ours. He suggests that the alien engine works, not using a tube or wire, but using microtechnology that is built into the object itself.

But, according to skeptics, and possibly NASA, what Scott Scott Waring saw in images taken from space is nothing but a consequence of parey idol. That is, the brain of the ufologist deceived him and contributed to the fact that his eyes could make out familiar shapes, for example, in stone.


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