The famous killer of the Zodiac

(ORDO NEWS) — There are stories that I want to tell someone else, I want to shed light on events that took place enough time to use the word “long” in relation to them and at the same time took place no later than 30-40 years ago, so that nothing could forget yourself. This will be an unusual story, it will touch on a serial killer who committed his atrocities in the United States in the 60-70s and entered the history of forensic science around the world under the name “Zodiac”. A maniac who could not be found, on the trail of which they could not even get out, but at the same time a maniac who corresponded regularly with the police and the media in San Francisco, as one of the largest cities in the state of California, which became for him the main field for his criminal experiments. The article is inspired by the 2007 film Zodiac, which became another masterpiece in the piggy bank of director David Fincher,

First kills

Late on the evening of December 20, 1968, a couple of lovers from Vallejo (about 40 km from San Francisco) – David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen – went to a Christmas party. On the way, they changed their plans and decided to stop at a secluded place near Lake German, where many young people came for solitude. At 11:15 p.m., a passing driver noticed a parked car with two corpses lying next to it. These were the bodies of Faraday and Jensen. 

Within 10 minutes, the sheriff arrived at the scene. It followed from the protocol that someone approached the car and shot at the young people who were in the back seat at that moment through the glass. The bullet hit the young man in the back of the head, and he died almost instantly. The girl managed to get out of the car and run about 12 meters, but the killer fired several bullets at her, after which she fell to the ground.

According to the police, the Zodiac had 7 victims, according to his own – 37

Witnesses interviewed by the police said they saw a light colored Chevrolet shortly before the murder. A couple of young people said that that evening they were pursued by someone in a bright Chevrolet, but they managed to get away by turning off the headlights and circling around the neighborhood.

The next murder happened only six months later, on July 5, 1969 – such breaks are usually not typical for serial killers. And this time, the victims of the attack were a couple – Darlene Ferrin and Michael Magow. Darlene was a married lady, but often went “on a spree”, as her husband was notified. Young people parked on the course of a golf club in Vallejo. In addition to them, there were three more cars of club visitors in the parking lot. After a while, a car drove up with its headlights off. Magow, who was somewhat tense by an unknown person watching them from a dark car, asked the girl if she knew the driver. Darlene responded with something like, “Don’t worry.”

Zodiac 2

Soon a man got out of the car and walked towards the couple. He took out a pistol and shot Magow in the neck, the second bullet hit him in the knee. An unidentified person walked around the car and fired five bullets at Darlene, after which he left, believing that the victims were dead. However, they were conscious. Magow let out a groan, and the criminal returned with two control shots. Nevertheless, the young people were still alive. Soon a company of golf club visitors approached the parking lot, and they called the police and doctors. The sheriff who arrived at the scene tried to ask the victims about the attack, but Darlene could no longer speak coherently, unlike Magow, who was operated on and survived. The girl died on the way to the hospital.

At 00:40, off-duty police officer Nancy Slover at the Vallejo office took the call. The unknown person said that he had killed two young guys, and also told where their car was. He also confessed to killing young people at Herman Lake last December.

After the second murder, the Zodiac called the police and confessed to his deed.

Magow, who was on the mend quickly, provided the police with details of the events of the evening of July 5 and helped draw up a portrait of the suspect. He got the impression that the killer knew Darlene personally – at least, it seemed to him that he leaned over to the girl and called her “Dee” (Ferrin’s nickname among friends). Besides, he thought Darlene recognized her assailant, too. The version about the acquaintance of the victim and the perpetrator appeared, however, a little later, when the girl’s relatives began to literally think out the story, supplementing it with more and more incredible details.

Flowers and blood in California

The late 1960s was a hot time in the US. The last chords of the hippie era rumbled, the youth rebelled against the “power of adults”, the spirit of freedom, saturated with sex, drugs and rock and roll, was in the air.

And it was in California in the late 60s that two of America’s most notorious serial killers committed their crimes. But if the commune of Charles Manson was quickly exposed, and its leader, who provided a dubious ideological basis for his crimes, spent the rest of his life in prison, then the uncaptured Zodiac turned into a cult character. First of all, because he never got punished.

The zodiac, unlike most serial killers, was not satisfied with reading reports about his “exploits” in the press, but actively communicated with the media and the police, mocked the investigation and tried his best to maintain interest in his person for at least four years.

The cops will never catch me cause I’m too smart for them


Date places

On December 20, 1968, a couple of students, David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, were shot dead in their car on the shores of Lake Herman. The crime was committed after ten o’clock in the evening, witnesses and police evidence could not be found, and the case arose.

Around midnight on July 4, 1969, the lovers in the car were attacked again. This time, the gunman shot Michael Maggio and Darlene Ferrin. 40 minutes later, the Vallejo Police Headquarters received a call. The caller confessed to the crime and said that he was the one who “killed those guys last year”, clearly alluding to Faraday and Jensen.

It seemed to the dispatcher who received the anonymous call that he was reading his statement “from a piece of paper.” The call was later traced and found to be from a pay phone a few hundred meters from Ferrin’s house and a couple of blocks from the police department. However, this time one of the victims managed to survive. Michael Maggio, despite severe wounds to the chest and face, managed to be saved.

Zodiac 3

Zodiac speaks

On July 31, 1969, three letters arrived in the editorial offices of three California newspapers—the Vallejo Times-Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Francisco Examiner—claiming responsibility for two attacks on couples on December 20, 1968, and July 4, 1969. Each of the letters contained a piece of cipher text.

On August 7, 1969, a new anonymous letter arrived at the San Francisco Examiner. From that moment began the story of the killer of the Zodiac. In most cases, serial killers come up with creepy names by the people or the press, but the Zodiac himself called himself that in the message.

The letter was a response to the demands of the police chief to the author of previous anonymous letters to provide evidence of involvement in the murders. The zodiac gave out details that were not disclosed and could only be known to the police. The next day, school teacher Donald Garden and his wife from the city of Salinas managed to decipher the message sent by the Zodiac on July 31.

I like killing because it’s fun. It’s even more fun than killing wild animals, because man is the most dangerous animal of all. This is the most exciting experience, it’s even cooler than somersaulting with a girl

Zodiac 4

Next move

On the evening of September 29, 1969, the Zodiac attacked Brian Hartnell and Cecilia Ann Shepard, a vacationer on Lake Berryessa. This time the criminal put on a real show. He appeared before his victims in a black hood, “resembling the attire of an executioner.” In addition, the killer was wearing something like an apron with a sign in the form of a circle crossed out with a cross.

Zodiac inflicted multiple stab wounds on the victims, and then drew on their car with a felt-tip pen the same sign that was on his robe. At 7:40 p.m., he called the Napa County Sheriff’s Office and reported the crime.

The police managed to take still fresh fingerprints from the tube, but they did not appear in the filing cabinets. The third attack was again only half-successful for the Zodiac – Hartnell survived. However, when the ambulance arrived, Shepard was still conscious and managed to describe her killer.

On October 11, an unidentified passenger shot and killed taxi driver Paul Stein in San Francisco. The killer stole the car keys, the victim’s wallet, and tore off a piece of the deceased’s bloody shirt. Three teenagers witnessed the crime. They managed to call the police even before the perpetrator left the car.

A couple of blocks away from the crime scene, the officers met a white man who matched the original description given by the witnesses, but the troopers only asked the oncoming man if he had seen an armed criminal. He allegedly showed them the direction in which the killer had fled.

Later, there was evidence that in the police orientation, the alleged killer was listed as black. This allegedly happened because of the dispatcher who received a call from witnesses – he mistakenly told the patrol that the criminal was black.

This was the last murder that investigators officially linked to the activities of the Zodiac. On October 14, The Chronicle received a letter from a maniac in which he stated that he had killed a taxi driver and attached a piece of a shirt taken from the crime scene to the message.

The show goes on

In the letter, the Zodiac said that he now intends to attack the school bus. He allegedly intended to shoot the wheel of the car, and then shoot the children running out. However, nothing of the sort happened.

Later, a man who introduced himself as Zodiac said that he would call the Oakland morning TV show if lawyers Frances Lee Bailey or Melvin Belli were there. The latter came to the show, and the call actually took place, but, as it turned out later, the viewer who introduced himself as the Zodiac was a patient in a psychiatric clinic.

On November 8, The Chronicle received another letter that was only deciphered in 2020. In it, the Zodiac said that he did not call the TV show studio. The next day, in a new letter, the maniac described his meeting with the police after the murder of a taxi driver.

Zodiac 5

Zodiac killer: letters of a maniac

In the course of his criminal activities, the Zodiac left a lot of statements to the police. This “correspondence” continued for several years. Experts note that such behavior brought pleasure to the maniac, he liked the game of hide and seek with law enforcement agencies.

Zodiac 6

Zodiac Letters 1969

On the 31st, on the last day of July 1969, strange letters arrived at the editorial office of three local California newspapers at once. Their content was almost identical – their author took responsibility for the murders. In addition, each letter contained a third of the encrypted characters, which in total represented a message of 408 characters. The cryptogram, according to the anonymous author, contained his personal data. The maniac demanded that all newspapers publish the letters he sent on the front pages, otherwise he would kill 12 people during the weekend.

The next day, 08/01/1969, the maniac’s letter was published in one of the newspapers, but on page 4. In addition, the publication contained an article in which the chief of police in Vallejo expressed doubt that the author of the letters was in fact the killer. To confirm his words, the killer had to provide the investigation with supporting information. The remaining parts of the cryptograms appeared in the newspapers on August 2. However, the threats to kill 12 people were not carried out by the perpetrator.

On 08/07/1969, the editorial office of the newspaper received a letter in which the author for the first time calls himself the Zodiac. The killer made a statement that the police would be able to find him as soon as they deciphered the cryptograms sent earlier.

Zodiac 7

Interesting to know! The maniac explained the lack of personal data in the cryptogram by the fact that this would prevent him from collecting slaves.

The next day, 08/08/1969, an ordinary school teacher living in a small town in California, Donald Garden, together with his wife Betty, deciphered the cryptogram that the Zodiac compiled. The serial killer reported in it that his goal was to collect the slaves that he would need after the transition to the afterlife. However, the cryptogram did not contain any personal information about the killer. Moreover, her text contained spelling errors.

1970 Zodiac Messages

Zodiac 8

During 1970, the communication of the Zodiac with the police and authorities takes place with the help of postcards and letters. During this year, the maniac sent a whole series of messages, different in content:

  • 04/20/1970: A maniac sends a letter denying his involvement in the explosion at the police station. The letter also contains a cryptogram of 13 characters. There is a sketch of an improvised explosive device with which the maniac threatens to blow up the school bus;
  • 04/28/1970: The Zodiac sends a postcard expressing the hope that “everyone will enjoy his explosion”;
  • 04/26/1970: A maniac wrote that he had shot a policeman in the head. However, the police did not confirm the veracity of this statement;
  • 06/24/1970: the killer claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of a mother with a child who managed to escape from him;
  • 07/26/1970: Zodiac leaves a message about the torture he is preparing for his slaves;
  • 10/05/1970: The killer sends a postcard with 13 holes punched into it. The signature used by the maniac is in blood;
  • 10/27/1970: The journalist, who was the author of a series of articles in the press about the Zodiac, received a letter from him on Halloween. There, the killer reported that the journalist was finished. This threat was assessed as significant and all appropriate measures were taken to save the life of the reporter.

After 1970, confirmed reports from the Zodiac are less frequent. In addition, the case, which received great publicity, was the reason that the police began to receive many anonymous letters, the origin of which the law enforcement agencies were not sure.

Last Messages: The Zodiac Killer 1971

03/13/1971 Zodiac sends a message to the editorial office of the newspaper, in which he expresses satisfaction with the work of the police. At the same time, he states that many of the crimes committed by him have not yet been solved.

On March 22, 1971, a maniac sent a message to the newspaper, in which he talks about the involvement in the disappearance of the girl Dona Less. There is no convincing evidence proving the involvement of the Zodiac in this, but the police considered that the postcard was indeed sent by this maniac.
After March 1971, the Zodiac remained silent for three whole years. During this period, no one receives any news from him. But on January 25, 1974, a postcard arrives in one of the editorial offices, in which the maniac admires the film The Exorcist. This message is the latest, in the sender of which the police recognized the Zodiac.

Zodiac Cipher

On July 31, 1969, three messages arrived in the editorial office of three Californian newspapers, in which an unknown person called himself the same killer of young couples. He gave in the letters such details that, according to the police, only the criminal could really know. The notes were almost identical in content and began with the phrase “This is the Zodiac speaking,” but an unknown person attached a piece of cipher to each of them. 

All three ciphers, according to the maniac, were a single whole and contained information that could reveal his identity. Under the letters, he left a signature – a circle crossed out with a cross. Several versions were put forward about the origin and meaning of the emblem – from the symbolic circle of constellations, divided into 4 sections (each – one zodiac element), to the graphic image of a gun sight. The man who called himself the Zodiac demanded the publication of his cryptograms on the front pages of each of the newspapers. The editors, who promptly notified the police, were advised to go along with the sender’s demands. The authorities hoped that the messages would not end there and that sooner or later they would be able to expose the killer.

Zodiac sent ciphers to three newspapers and demanded publication on the 1st page

We didn’t have to wait long – already on August 4, a new letter arrived at the Examiner (San Francisco) editorial office. This time, the experts managed to take a fingerprint, but the result of the database check did not give anything. Meanwhile, the Harden couple, who were fond of solving ciphers, managed to shed light on the meaning of three cryptograms sent by the Zodiac earlier. The message was that this someone claimed that he takes great pleasure in killing people and that in the afterlife all these victims will become his slaves.

Zodiac 9

Who are you, Mr. Zodiac?

In 1970, the Zodiac wrote several more letters, one of which promised to blow up a school bus. In 1974, he took on more crimes and claimed to have killed 37 people. After that, the letters from the elusive maniac stopped.

The main and only official suspect in the crimes of the Zodiac for many years remained Arthur Lee Allen. He was detained several times for harassing teenagers, and in 1969 he was held in the Zodiac case, as he lived just a few minutes walk from the scene of the murder of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen.

In 1972, investigators searched Allen’s trailer, but found nothing linking him to the Zodiac murders. In 1974, he was arrested on suspicion of a series of murders of seven girls. After this, the killings stopped, and Allen was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he spent three years.

In 1991, with the advent of DNA tests, Allen was taken up again. They found a cache of weapons and a Zodiac watch, which his mother gave him in 1967. Arthur gave saliva samples for DNA analysis and passed a polygraph test. As a result, the man was released, although doubts about his innocence were huge due to circumstantial evidence.

Allen himself claimed that he was innocent, and gave interviews to the media, stating that he was a victim of political games. However, the surviving Michael Maggio, who at that time was 41 years old, confidently identified Allen from a photograph as the person who attacked him.

Everything went to the fact that Allen is still recognized as the Zodiac, but in August 1992 he died of a heart attack. In 2002, a DNA examination was carried out, after which it turned out that Allen’s samples did not match the samples that, according to the investigation, the Zodiac had left.

Zodiac 10

Silence of the Zodiac

There was an unexpected pause for the police. Zodiac disappeared or hid for a long 3 years, although he already hinted that he would soon start killing without advertising, and the game had just begun. After 3 years, a letter from a maniac comes to the editors of Chronicle, in which he hinted that he was depressing by the behavior of the police and the stupidity of all those who could not find him in any way. This greatly disappointed him, and he did not see the point in continuing to play openly. The letter was accompanied by the signature “Me=37, SFPD=0”. From this figure, many of the hairs on their heads began to stir. If this was a true figure, then there was an elusive maniac on the loose who takes pleasure in killing whoever he wants. And nothing can stop him.

This was the last letter officially confirmed by experts of the proven authorship of the Zodiac. Suspicious letters from anonymous people regularly came to the editorial office, but the handwriting betrayed imitators in the authors. But there were also instances very similar to the handwriting of the Zodiac. Especially memorable is the letter in which he was waiting for the film to be made about him, he wonders who will play the main villain.

New discovery

The Zodiac case remains one of the main police mysteries of the 20th century, and the police do not particularly talk about the details of the investigation. However, in early October, members of the detective group The Case Breakers entered the arena, which includes former FBI agents, police, military, journalists and just enthusiasts. This group is investigating “wood grouses”, among which, for example, the disappearance of union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

They claim to have finally identified the true identity of the elusive killer, and it turned out to be one Gary Francis Post, who died in 2018 at the age of 80.

Zodiac 11

One of the main pieces of evidence, as in many other cases, is Post’s resemblance to a portrait of the Zodiac compiled from the descriptions of witnesses. This time, researchers claim to have found a photograph in Post’s archive showing him with scars on his forehead, similar to those of the Zodiac.

In addition, detectives from The Case Breakers linked Post to a murder that occurred in the city of Riverside on October 30, 1966. It was also considered at various times as a crime of the Zodiac. Then an unknown person stabbed 18-year-old Cheri Jo Bates. Moreover, on November 29 of the same year, an anonymous letter came to the editorial office of the local newspaper Riverside Press-Enterprise, the author of which confessed to the murder and claimed that “it was not the first and not the last.”

Gary Francis Post at the time lived just 15 minutes from Riverside College, where the girl was murdered. In addition, in 1966, the police found a wristwatch splattered with paint near the crime scene, and Post worked all his life as a house painter.

A military boot print was found at the Bates murder site. Post was an Air Force veteran, and the same footprints were found near Zodiac crime scenes. Members of The Case Breakers claim that Zodiac cryptograms take on true meaning when inserted into them with the full name of Gary Francis Post.

The reporters contacted a woman named Gwen, who grew up next door to Post’s family in the 1970s and 1980s. He and his wife sometimes looked after the girl, and, as she claims, was an abusive husband, and taught her how to shoot a pistol.

He lived a double life. As I grew up, I realized that the picture was taking shape. As a teenager, I did not compare all the facts, but now I am sure that Gary is the Zodiac

Former US Air Force pilot Hans Smith said he hid for 10 years an informant who escaped from a “gang” led by Post. The gang allegedly operated in California’s High Sierra region, and “made a killing machine” out of it.

A woman named Michelle, who is in a civil union with Post’s son, claims that Gary Francis Post stalked her along with his “gang of three”. In addition, she refused to give her last name, as she is sure that even three years after Post’s death, his accomplices “remain faithful to him.”

The police have so far refused to comment on the new data in any way, citing the fact that the Zodiac case is still not closed. And in general, it seems that representatives of the law have not shown much interest in a new investigation. Moreover, Post had already come under suspicion, but law enforcement officials denied his involvement in this case.

Zodiac 12

Prime Suspects

During the entire period of investigations, there were about 2,500 people under suspicion. The most suspicious was a certain Arthur Lee Allen. In favor of his involvement in the case spoke strange behavior, weapons at home, wardrobe items similar to the Zodiac, testimonies of his acquaintances, as if he was talking about murders and hunting not for animals, but for people, and most importantly, Michael Maggiot, a former longtime time under the witness protection program. It wasn’t until 1991 that Magjot was able to see the faces of potential suspects, which included a photograph of Arthur Lee Allen. In him the victim recognized his executioner. But there was no direct evidence in relation to Allen. Fingerprints did not match, voice and handwriting did not match, even DNA analysis did not give any results.

Zodiac 13

In October 2021, The Case Breakers, an independent group of investigators (founded by the spouses Thomas and Daphne Colbert), presented their version of the potential criminals. Former military, police and journalists have been on the trail of Gary Francis Post, a former US Air Force pilot who died in 2018. A man who worked as a painter after his dismissal from the service revealed marks on his forehead similar to the identikit, which turned out to be scars, and also deciphered the mention of his name in one of the previously unsolved messages of the Zodiac. According to friends and colleagues of Gary Post, he really may well be a serial killer.

6 people out of 20 respondents indicated that Post personally admitted to them that he is the Zodiac. The ex-wife said that her husband was extremely cruel to her, plus he was the leader of a gang of young guys who saw him not just as a leader, but treated him like a father. Hence their dedication to doing many dirty deeds. He was also pointed out by his son’s wife, who was always suspicious of the manners and behavior of her father-in-law. He always seemed very suspicious to her.

The Case Breakers team also pointed to the murder of 18-year-old student Cherie Jo Bates from the town of Riverside. Investigators are convinced that Post is responsible for her death, which means that this is another victim of the Zodiac. Moreover, this happened in 1966, 2 years before the first officially recognized murder of a maniac. According to an independent team of investigators, Post was identified with shoe marks (similar marks at 3 other crime scenes), a clock smeared with paint, passing a medical examination 15 minutes from the murder scene. But most importantly, the attacker’s hair was found in the victim’s hand, which was identical in color to the hairline of Gary Francis Post. The Riverside police refused to conduct a DNA test, as the death of Cheri Jo Bates was not connected by law enforcement officials with the Zodiac.

“Is there any chance that the person being pointed to killed Cheri Jo Bates? No. If you read what they presented, you will see that this is all circumstantial evidence. It’s not that much.”

Arthur Lee Allen is a male suspect in the murders

Zodiac 14

Arthur Lee Allen was suspected of the murders committed by the Zodiac. He was searched by the police, thanks to a warrant. However, no charges have been brought against the man. His fingerprints did not match the prints on the envelopes sent by the maniac. However, there was no exact certainty that even on the messages they really belong to a serial killer.

Only 22 years later, in 1991, Michael Magjot, a survivor of the Zodiac attack, identified Arthur in one of the photos. In 1992, Allen died from a long illness. A sample of his DNA was taken, but it did not match the data obtained as a result of the examination of blood from the messages of the maniac. Also in 2002, a DNA sample was taken of his friend, who first claimed that Arthur Allen was a serial killer. There were also no matches with DNA samples from the saliva of the Zodiac taken from postal envelopes.

Perpetrator Identity: Zodiac

Soon, The Chronicle received another letter from the Zodiac. This time, he attached a piece of Paul Stein’s bloody shirt to the message. He said that he was preparing a new assassination attempt – the Zodiac planned to shoot through the wheel of a school bus, and then open fire when the children began to run out.

On October 20, 1969, the Oakland Police Department received a call. The man, who introduced himself as Zodiac, demanded to be connected with one of two eminent lawyers – Lee Bailey or Melvin Belli. The first was out of reach, and the second agreed to talk to the criminal. Further events developed live in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The lawyer appeared on Jim Dunbar’s morning talk show. The host asked the audience not to take the line so that the one who called himself the Zodiac could get through to the studio. Within two and a half hours, a certain “Sam” called the air 35 times, and always hung up almost instantly. The police managed to determine where the calls came from – it turned out that it was a psychiatric hospital in California. “Sam” and “Zodiac” were different people. The real killer never called the studio.

For the sake of the call of the Zodiac, they organized a live broadcast with a lawyer in the morning show.

On November 8, 1969, the editor-in-chief of The Chronicle received a postcard containing another cryptogram from the Zodiac. It contained 340 characters and was never deciphered. And on December 20, Bellai received a Christmas message from the killer. Attached to the postcard was another bloody fragment of Stein’s shirt.

After that, the Zodiac disappeared for a long time. All further attacks, kidnappings and murders, which are somehow attributed to him, still remain unsolved, and therefore do not have sufficient grounds to be included in the “list” of the maniac. However, the Zodiac himself repeatedly came into contact with the newspapers, sending more and more messages, where he took responsibility for some unsolved crimes. He continued to play charades, promising to reveal his name, but many of his riddles were never deciphered. Among other things, the eccentric maniac expressed regret that people on the streets do not walk around with badges with his symbol. 

All of these messages came throughout most of 1970. After that, a letter was received from the Zodiac in March 1971, where he claimed responsibility for the murder of Donna Lass, and then the maniac suddenly disappeared for three years, and again made itself felt only in January 1974. In a new message to The Chronicle, he cited his review of The Exorcist, calling it “the best satirical comedy”. Another “review” Zodiac sent on May 8, 1974, this time he expressed dissatisfaction with the painting “Desolate Lands”. The Chronicle received a few more messages not signed by the Zodiac, but copying his style, but there was no consensus about their authorship.

Zodiac 15

There were a lot of assumptions about who actually could be hiding behind the pseudonym “Zodiac”. The police received hundreds of letters in which Americans shared their suspicions about the identity of the perpetrator – up to blaming the next of kin. The wave did not subside for decades – and even in the 2000s, more and more new appeals were received. According to some versions, the perpetrator was not alone; members of the Manson gang responsible for the death of Sharon Tate were also suspected of the murders. All the suspects involved in the case were acquitted and released for lack of evidence.

How many Zodiacs were there?

There were a lot of suspects in the murders committed by the Zodiac. At various times, his crimes were attributed not only to Arthur Lee Allen, but even to Charles Manson and his sect. In 2007, one Dennis Kaufman stated that his stepfather was the Zodiac. He told the FBI that he found “suspicious objects” among the relative’s belongings, allegedly indicating the guilt of the latter. In 2010, investigators denied this version.

In 2009, an episode of the History Channel’s MysteryQuest suggested that the Zodiac was Richard Gaikowski, who worked as editor of the Good Times counterculture newspaper in San Francisco. Allegedly, his appearance is very similar to the description of the killer, and the police dispatcher who spoke to the Zodiac after the second attack recognized his voice.

In 2001, a certain Louis Joseph Myers confessed to a friend that he was the one who committed the Zodiac murders. The man was dying of cirrhosis of the liver and decided to reveal his soul to a friend. There are indeed some similarities with the Zodiac in his biography, however, most of the information was obtained from the words of Myers himself.

There are many more similar stories and “confessions”. Often they are based only on the external similarity of the suspects or the coincidence of some biography facts.

The investigation of The Case Breakers, sooner or later, may be of interest to the competent authorities, but so far we can only say that the Zodiac case is still open, and whether the elusive killer will ever be found is unknown.


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