The famous astronomer said in ancient times, aliens lived on our planet

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(ORDO NEWS) — In ancient times, aliens lived on Earth. Jason Wright, who is a well-known professor of astronomy, is sure of this.

The professor expressed his opinion in a scientific work, which was published in 2017.

After conducting the study, he concluded that once developed alien life forms existed on Earth. In addition to our planet, aliens were also on Mars and Venus, which at that time had an atmosphere and in many ways resembled the Earth.

Wright wrote:

Given the fact that it is on Earth that complex life is present, then it is the best candidate for the origin of a wide variety of species. Of course, modern Venus, where the air temperature is incredibly high, is not the best option, but in the case of alien life, even this option should not be ruled out.

Ancient aliens most likely left our planet, but perhaps there is a huge amount of evidence of their existence underground. Many of them have been lost over millions of years, so it is incredibly difficult to prove this assumption.

The simplest and most obvious reason for the disappearance of aliens could be a global catastrophe. Of course, the species can die out even without a cataclysm, but most likely, the aliens simply left the limits of the solar system and there can be a huge number of reasons for this.

Such assumptions from a well-known professor deserve attention, although they are trying to hide them. Scientists have repeatedly found ancient artifacts in coal seams, whose age is several million years. This is proved by the fact that once upon a time a highly developed civilization lived on the planet. But scientists continue to insist that the human race is the most developed and that no one else exists in the entire Universe.


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