The expert warned humanity about the threat of an eternal pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — Kevin Rudd, the former head of the Australian government, spoke about the existence of the threat of an eternal pandemic. The expert noted that the approach of the governments of different states to the treatment of the coronavirus population was initially not entirely correct.

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Today, about ¼ of the entire population of the planet lives on the territory of India, and everyone needs to unite and fight this terrible situation. Instead, countries have closed down and are trying to cope with the coronavirus on their own. Project Syndicate reports.

Kevin is delighted to have explained his theory. He believes that if India is not helped, the epidemic will soon spread to rural areas. This means that India will find itself in a humanitarian disaster. Now in this country and also in Brazil, the largest foci of outbreaks of Covid-19.

If the virus crosses the boundaries of densely populated metropolitan areas, it can mutate faster. New strains will emerge that may be resistant to vaccines. If the process of virus mutation is not slowed down, the planet runs the risk of plunging into the era of an eternal pandemic.

Therefore, it is now extremely important to provide India with vaccines, humanitarian aid and medicines to treat the sick. If not united, the population of the entire planet will be forced to live in lockdown for many years to come.


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