The expert refuted the myth that the Americans were on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — They managed to find the “second golf ball”, which was taken to the moon by the commander of Apollo 14.

It was found only thanks to the fact that Andy Sanders put in the maximum amount of effort. He is a specialist not only in processing, but also in recovering images with very poor quality. This ball was found in one of these pictures. Nobody knew about his whereabouts for 50 years.


Mission Commander Shepard played golf on the lunar surface on February 6, 1971. There is even a video of this important event to this day. Everything was filmed using an automatic camera, which was installed at some distance from the astronauts.

The first ball flew away only 20 meters, which is quite a bit even if you imagine that the game would be held on Earth. After that, the astronaut said that playing in space equipment was not very convenient. Swinging with a club is very difficult.

The second hit was more successful. The ball flew for miles, as Shepard put it. As a result, the ball disappeared in an incomprehensible direction, because no one followed it.


After 50 years, Sanders added clarity to certain images and discovered that in fact the second ball flew only 36 meters from where Shepard was. An interesting point was that next to the ball there was also a “throwing javelin” that Mitchell threw. This “coincidence” raises many questions.


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