The expert proposes to postpone the second stage of vaccination to save many lives

(ORDO NEWS) — A vaccination adviser in Britain noted that the next round of vaccinations should be postponed. This is needed to save human lives. According to statistics, only 33% of citizens over 60 years old have received immunity from coronavirus.

According to Anthony Harden of the Association of the Committee on Vaccinations and Immunizations, so far all the facts indicate the ineffectiveness of the vaccines. The specialist recommends that the doses be administered at intervals of three months to protect the maximum number of people given the limited drugs. The formulations were most effective when the vaccines were re-administered after five weeks.

There are quite a few cases when people got sick with the coronavirus after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. This, of course, is a sad statistic, but this is quite acceptable at the initial stage of the campaign. It is necessary that the funds receive 80% of the population. Only then can we talk about the results. So far there is no information that the second dose will significantly strengthen the immune system.

Note that the above statistics were calculated in Israel in less than three weeks. No one knows the methods of calculating the data, so it is too early to draw final conclusions.


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