The expert insists that Mars was inhabited

(ORDO NEWS) — A researcher at the University of California, Francisco Diego, unexpectedly for everyone, made a loud statement that the presence of surface water on the planet and some other factors indicate that Mars, one way or another, was inhabited, and, possibly, is now inhabited.

Senior Scientist at the University of California Los Angeles, Francisco Diego, explained that his research showed that there is atmospheric pressure around Mars, which is necessary to keep water on its surface. The expert is confident that evidence of the existence of life will be discovered by the first astronauts to land on Mars.

His comments came as the United Arab Emirates launched its first mission to Mars early Monday morning. The launch was carried out as part of a scientific program to develop the country’s technical capabilities and gradually move away from oil dependence. Here’s what the scientist said, speaking on Sky News:

“I’m sure there’s something there. This is one of the reasons for analyzing the atmosphere of Mars, because we have evidence that in the past the planet had a dense atmosphere, creating atmospheric pressure, which is necessary to keep water on the surface in liquid form. ”

“That is, we have evidence that liquid water existed on the surface of Mars for a long time. Thus, in any case, there should be signs of the existence of primitive life, which one way or another will be found by the first cosmonauts.”

There are currently eight active missions exploring Mars. Some are aimed at studying the planet from orbit, others are exploring the surface. China and the US are planning to send another mission this year.

The Emirates Mars mission cost $ 200 million (£ 157.9 million), UAE Minister of Advanced Science Sarah Amiri said. The mission aims to provide a complete picture of Mars’ atmosphere for the first time by studying daily and seasonal changes.

The UAE first announced mission plans in 2014 and designated the National Space Program in 2017 to develop the space industry. With a population of 9.4 million, most of whom are foreign workers, the country lacks the scientific and industrial base of the major space powers. However, this does not interfere with the ambitious plans of the country’s leadership, which plans to complete the creation of the first settlement on Mars by 2117.


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