The existence of the fifth ocean on Earth is officially recognized

(ORDO NEWS) — So, the USA officially recognized the existence of the 5th ocean. Now, on National Geographic maps you will see the South Ocean.

The US National Geographic Society will update maps created before 1915. The Southern Ocean has long been recognized by scientists. But he never received an international agreement. Reported by National Geographic.

The waters surrounding Antarctica have unique characteristics. In fact, they are an extension of neighboring oceans, but they are a separate water body. The United States Geographic Names Board has been using the Southern Ocean name since 1999. But it was not shown on the maps and was not officially recognized.

Now the existence of the water body has been recognized by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Experts made this statement in February 2021. Most of the waters around Antarctica belong to the Southern Ocean.

The newly recognized water body on the maps reaches 60 degrees south latitude, without affecting the Drake Passage and the Squash Sea. Also, the boundaries of the Southern Ocean are determined not by the adjacent continents, but by the Antarctic circumpolar current. It appeared about 34 million years ago.


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