The existence of the cycle of changing the magnetic poles of the Earth has been proven

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted a thorough analysis of ancient lava flows in Scotland and found that the magnetic field regularly becomes weaker, then reinforces again. It is no secret to anyone that the magnetic field protects our planet from dangerous cosmic radiation and at the same time it is capable of changing. 

New research has shown that these changes occur in specific cycles. Scientists have managed to trace the last 500 million years of the existence of a magnetic field with the help of lava. Reported by Sciencealert.

Louise Hawkins noted that changes occur every about 200 million years. The reason for this is certain processes taking place inside the planet. During the study, mineral crystals inside the lava were studied. From them it was possible to determine the state of the magnetic field during their initial formation.

The weaker protective shell of the Earth became between 332 and 416 million years ago. The following changes took place 120 million years ago. For example, during the period of the Middle Paleozoic dipole, the strength of the magnetic field was only a quarter of the usual values.

This study led to the conclusion that there is a certain cycle, the duration of which is 200 million years. The experts stressed that the analysis of lava flows plays a very important role. Thus, it was possible to find out about the state of the planet’s protective field before the beginning of a more stable period, called the Kiaman superchron.


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