The exact date of the beginning of the Third World War


The beginning of the Third World has been discussed for more than a year. Today, when humanity is attacked by a pandemic, its onset is unlikely, since the economies of many countries are in poor condition.

However, this does not mean that there will be no new bloody battle in the near future.

According to Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Hafetz-Haim predicted a third clash a century ago. The man lived during the First World War. Upon completion, he said that in 25 years a new war would begin, which would eclipse the first in terms of the number of victims. And so it happened: World War II turned out to be the largest war in the history of modern mankind. The rabbi then also added that the second battle will not be the last, it will happen in 75 years and the third.

A new war will be the result of a great darkness of faith. It will break out in the Far East or in Iraq. A major event that will go down in world history should begin in the period 09.05-02.09 this year.

Many prophets described the weather, which is relevant for late August and early September. Consequently, the Third World War will begin, most likely, in the second half of the year (and not the fact that 2020).


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