The drug dealer fell asleep right on the phone and accidentally called the police

(ORDO NEWS) — In Germany, a drug dealer was caught who fell asleep on the phone and accidentally called the police in his sleep. The call came to the police at about 1 am.

After the operator answered the phone, he heard only loud snoring and moaning of a man. He felt that he might need help, so the call was immediately tracked.

It was possible to establish that it was a 23-year-old guy from the small town of Waldbrell, which is located near Cologne. Several officers were dispatched to the specified address. This is reported by Mail Online.

The police were met by the caller’s neighbor. In addition, they noticed a rather strong cannabis smell. The very same culprit of the incident was found by representatives of law enforcement agencies asleep on the couch.

When the man was awakened, he began to prove that he had not called anyone. But after checking the call history, I saw that I accidentally called the rescue service several times.

Both guys are now suspected of drug dealing. The police said that they had previously been detained in a case that was directly related to the sale of drugs. In this case, they will already bear criminal responsibility.

At the time, for the investigation to be conducted, the detainees were released after posting bail.


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