The dog with the largest ears in the world hit the Guinness Book of Records

(ORDO NEWS) — The raccoon greyhound named Lou has become the new record holder. She got into the Guinness Book of Records due to the fact that she has the largest ears among all known dogs on the planet. It is worth noting that the animal was picked up by an Oregon veterinarian who immediately noticed the peculiarity of the unusual dog.

Reported by US Today.

At first, Lou spent a long time in one of the shelters in Ohio. There she saw and immediately fell in love with a veterinarian from the small town of Milwaukee, Oregon, Paige Olsen. She immediately noticed the very long ears of the dog, which still attract the attention of many people today.

The woman talks about the fact that everyone wants to touch her favorite, examine her ears carefully. In such a beauty, as she said, it is simply impossible not to fall in love. The veterinarian noted that all black and tan coonhounds have long and very beautiful ears, but in some individuals they are much larger than usual.

The owner of the dog thought about measuring the length of Lou’s ears even during the onset of the pandemic. The American noted that despite the fact that they are very large, they do not need any special care. Olsen cleans them thoroughly every month and this is where the care ends.

Right now, the vet and her incredible dog are enjoying the stardom. It is worth noting that this is not the first record for Lou. Some time ago, the American Kennel Club gave the animal an award. Lou also won the Rally Obedience competition.


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