The doctor warned that patients with coronavirus may die due to concomitant illness

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(ORDO NEWS) — Patients who overcome coronavirus may experience the effects of the disease even after recovery. The American doctor, who spent many years studying lung diseases, warned of the long-term prospect of serious complications and a health care crisis.

Dr. Sassan Rafi, an anesthetist and chief medical officer at Upright Pharmaceuticals, has investigated crippling fibrosis. That is, for a long time, the doctor studied the condition of seriously ill patients at COVID-2019. The specialist believes that thousands of hospitalized even after recovery should be afraid for their health, that is, they may encounter a “time bomb” and die due to fibrosis.

According to the researcher, among people diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, who were given them after staying on a ventilator, the incidence rate is shocking and even worse than due to different types of oncology. Colleagues share the opinion of Dr. Andrew Young, who confirmed that the extent of the problem and its consequences are of concern.

Pulmonary fibrosis is so dangerous primarily because the prognosis is only about three years, and there is no effective treatment yet. The researcher is sure that as a result of the disease, many will need a lung transplant, others will depend on the mechanical ventilation apparatus throughout their lives.

Sassan Rafi believes that almost half of those who have had severe coronavirus, according to recent data, may experience an extreme immune response, which will lead to lung disease.

At the moment, doctors in the clinic are actively working on a drug that will help treat pulmonary fibrosis.


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