The doctor showed how the lungs of a patient with COVID-19 have changed in five days

(ORDO NEWS) — On Reddit, one user posted X-rays showing the progression of pneumonia caused by coronavirus infection. The consequences of the disease can be dire.

The author of the post with low flamants works in a hospital, so he comes across this on a regular basis. In just five days, the respiratory organs are affected to such an extent that a person is unable to breathe. Interestingly, at 70% saturation, the patient was still walking.

Moreover, she refused to go to treatment.

Many patients do not even suspect that they have contracted the coronavirus. Acute symptoms may be absent, while the disease is actively progressing.

In addition to the lungs, the work of other organs is disrupted. The mental state worsens: some patients want to die as soon as possible, they do not even cherish hopes for a happy ending. After healing, people must still suffer from poor memory, severe fatigue, nausea and depression.


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