The doctor hasn’t washed for five years and says he feels good

(ORDO NEWS) — 37-year-old Dr. James Hamblin from Yale University School of Public Health decided to experiment: he has not washed for 5 years. According to the man, his health is excellent, and there is no unpleasant smell.

In 2016, the first article by a specialist was published under the heading “I stopped washing”. After a while, the doctor noted, you get used to the new state. It takes two years of life to take a shower or a bath. Plus, huge amounts of water and money are wasted.

According to Hamblin, in no case should you stop washing your hands and brushing your teeth, but you can devote much less time to other parts of the body.

The scientist, having given up the shower, decided to experience for himself what happens to the body. As it turned out, the skin does not get any greasy. Not quite fresh aromas are present, but they cannot be called a stench. This is the smell of an ordinary person who does not use deodorants.

Hair gets used to the new routine. After a while, they look the same as before washing. At first, the doctor reduced the frequency of taking a shower to once every three days, and then completely abandoned it. At the initial stage, the mental system seemed to be screaming that it was time to go to wash, as supposedly there was a stench and an increased fat content of the body was felt. Over time, these feelings went away.

The reason for this is bacteria. After each wash, their balance is disturbed. After a while, the stench leaves, the balance is restored.


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