The disappearance of penguins and the melting of glaciers

(ORDO NEWS) — 15 days before autumn, the weather around the world has decided to set summer records. Death Valley, California, recorded a temperature of more than 54 degrees Celsius – the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth. In Japan, for the first time in history, the thermometer rose above 41 degrees. Neighboring South Korea and China are languishing in the heat.

There are now over 10,000 forest fires in the Amazon. Even in the Baltic, the water temperature is the same as in the Black Sea.

A luxurious gift for vacationers – water on the Curonian Spit, as in the Crimea – 23 degrees, although in August in the Baltic and 17 degrees is a rarity. At the resorts, the heat is under 30 and the rains are not promised to the end – they are going to a record.

A hot wind blows to the Baltic from Europe. In Germany, there is a drought, crops and forests are dying. In the south of Hesse and in Lower Saxony, communes complain that the supply of drinking water is running out and there is not a cloud in the sky.

The hottest news from the US is that Death Valley is almost 55 degrees in the shade. Desert weather is influenced by forest fires in California: they flared up again due to lightning caught in dead wood. If they cannot be localized, it is possible that the absolute temperature record of 57 degrees, recorded more than a century ago, will be broken.

Not a world, but an absolute domestic record was recorded in Japan – 41 and a half in the shadows. The heat wave has already killed 26 people in Tokyo.

Abnormally hot in the north. On Taimyr, 25 degrees – 10 more than usual. On the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, this is already the Arctic, almost 18, and the climatic norm is about zero. And there seems to be an explanation: warm air masses come from Mongolia, and the polar day does not allow the air to cool down. But the trend is alarming scientists.

“Large temperature anomalies are observed mainly in the polar latitudes. Such large anomalies are repeated for the first time in the history of meteorological observations,” commented Lyudmila Parshina, head of the Roshydromet laboratory.

An unprecedented thaw in Greenland. More than 280 billion tons of melted ice has gone into the ocean this year. Scientists believe that the point of no return has been passed. Even if the planet gets colder, the ice shell will not recover – it will continue to melt at the same rate, and this threatens with floods, because in Antarctica this summer a similar picture. Due to the anomalous heat, there is a massive migration of penguins. Here is what the aquanaut, protector of the oceans, grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau Fabien Cousteau said:

– This year was one of the hottest in Antarctica, there was plus 20 Celsius. This could lead to the extinction of the penguins. Maybe some of the species that live in Argentina will remain, but those that live in Antarctica will disappear.

Most of the forecasts are alarming, but some are encouraging. Ancient microorganisms emerge from the permafrost. According to all the laws known to science now, they should have died, but they are alive.

“The fact that these ancient microorganisms survived in the permafrost is a real mystery. The secret of their long-term viability can be useful for biotechnology. New antibiotics can be made from them. It is possible that these microorganisms can help,” said the head of the Department of Geocryology of the Geological Faculty Lomonosov Moscow State University Anatoly Brushkovu

Experiments with “eternal bacteria” have already begun, but it is too early to talk about the results.


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