The dates of strong magnetic storms in July 2020

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Magnetic storms can cause many people to feel unwell. In July 2020, they will cover our planet with three sufficiently powerful waves. Everything will begin at the beginning of the month. Experts also talked about how best to spend these days in order to feel normal and not succumb to the negative influence of the weather storm.

The first wave of magnetic storms in July this year will be held from 1 to 3 number. Also, very strong storms are expected in the last two days of July. Poor health and health problems these days can occur not only among weather-dependent people, but also those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, have problems with blood pressure or migraines.

“During magnetic storms, severe enough pain in the heart can occur. Blood pressure will not be stable and sudden changes can occur. It is also worth preparing for mood swings and a severe headache, a pulse sensation in the temples. Sometimes, patients during a meteorological storm may be in a state that they cannot understand, but at least roughly explain, ”says Viktor Sidorenko.

It is advisable not to drink alcohol during magnetic storms, and also to refuse coffee, which will give an extra load to the heart. Do not eat fatty and spicy foods so that there are no exacerbations of chronic diseases. Eliminate poor health will help rest and walk in the fresh air, simple exercise and doing what you love.

You can not be nervous during magnetic storms or engage in heavy physical work. If any chronic diseases are present, then specialist consultation and the availability of the necessary drugs to relieve the exacerbation will be required.


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