The curses of the Egyptian pharaohs the expert spoke about strange cases during the study of the mummy of Tutankhamun

(ORDO NEWS) — People have long wondered if the curses of the pharaohs of Egypt actually exist. That is why Professor Zahi Hawass told about several strange cases that occurred during the study of Tutankhamun’s mummy.

The mummy of the pharaoh was discovered in 1922 and it became a real sensation. But literally a couple of months after the sarcophagus with the remains was opened, six archaeologists who carried out the excavations died, as well as Lord Carnarvon, who paid for this expedition.

Many believed that this was the curse of the pharaoh, because there was a warning inscription on the sarcophagus that death would come to everyone who disturbed the peace of Tutankhamun.

Dr. Hawass researched the mummy in 2005. He said that during the computed tomography, the device suddenly stopped working.

This seemed to the specialist very strange, because before with the equipment there were absolutely no problems at all. He added that he does not believe in the curse, because the cause of death in such situations can only be microbes that have been in the sarcophagus for several millennia.

Research into the site of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus continues and experts very much hope that in the near future they will be able to find the remains of Nefertiti.


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