The couple were married for 68 years and died 72 hours apart

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(ORDO NEWS) — Brenda and Terrence Studd have lived together as husband and wife for 68 years. They met back in 1953. At that time, the man and woman were still teenagers (they were 15 years old). After a year of relationship, the lovers got married. The cause of death of the couple was a coronavirus infection.

Reported by the Mirror.

In her youth, Brenda participated in beauty contests and was an incredibly beautiful woman. Everyone knew Terrence as a caring and loving husband. Neighbors and relatives speak warmly about the family. Their strong union can really be envied.

When a woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1970, her husband did not leave his wife. He always looked after her and supported his beloved.

Having lived in perfect harmony for almost 70 years, the married couple never parted for a long time. Only once did they not see each other for several days. The reason for the separation was a man’s leg injury. He was just in the hospital.

However, the coronavirus infection has taken the lives of many people. This family is no exception. Brenda Studd contracted COVID-19, but she began to develop complications from the infection. The woman died suddenly from sepsis. Hearing this news, the spouse could not survive the loss and died 72 hours later.

This is not the only such case. Earlier, due to the coronavirus, a married couple who lived together for 67 years died with a difference of 24 hours.


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