The coronavirus vaccine is almost ready

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Perhaps the coronavirus will be defeated very soon: scientists from Astrazeneca and Oxford University have almost completed the vaccine, European countries have already signed contracts for the purchase of funds.

The British company Astrazeneca, together with partners, has been developing the vaccine for a long time. The remedy for the strain is at the last stage of development, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands have already signed contracts for its purchase. A total of 400 million units of vaccine will be delivered to these countries. It is expected that the first doses of people will receive at the end of this year.

The agreement provides collective immunity, as hundreds of millions of Europeans will be vaccinated. Scientists hope that in the near future the development will become publicly available for absolutely all countries.

Contracts have also been concluded with the UK, USA and India. 700 million doses will go to the first two countries, and a billion to the second. The vaccine distribution company has the capacity to produce two billion doses.

Development and supply agreements are the first step towards the final destruction of the coronavirus. The first few experiments showed the success of the vaccine. There are still other studies ahead, which will last until about autumn. There is no reason to believe that subsequent trials will fail.

The number of patients with coronavirus is growing every day. To mitigate the infection, 133 potential vaccines are being developed in the world, but at what stage of creation they are unknown. According to official figures, today there are almost 8 million patients and a little more than 430 thousand deaths.


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