The construction of a dam on the Nile can lead to military conflict

(ORDO NEWS) — The UN Security Council is discussing the Great Renaissance Dam (Hydase Dam), which Ethiopia is currently building. The fact is that it can negatively affect countries that are located downstream of the river. The dam can provoke a military conflict. Politicians and economists have high hopes for construction. They are confident that the dam will help to overcome poverty.

This is reported by Focus ya.

The dam is being built on the Nile River. It is one of the main sources of fresh water on the mainland. This means that the entire territory that is below will become dependent on Ethiopia.

In 1929, Egypt signed an agreement with Sudan, according to which they actually had all the rights to the river. At the same time, nobody took Ethiopia’s interests into account. The Egyptians draw almost 90% of water resources from the Nile River, and they also vetoed any construction on the river.

Sudan and Egypt are confident that the dam can be used as a deterrent. It is because of this that a conflict between states is brewing. Ethiopians believe they have a legal right to build the dam. The Egyptians see this as a direct threat.

Due to the lack of electricity, Ethiopia’s economic growth has stalled for decades. Very high rates of poverty and unemployment are holding back industrialization. The Dam of the Great Renaissance should become a new one in the history of the state.

In turn, Egypt is worried that the dam will cause drought, and requires filling the dam with water for at least 10 years. The unwillingness of the parties to hear each other only complicates the situation. Now the UN is trying to resolve peacefully the issue of filling the dam with water. Three parties are involved in resolving the dispute: Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.


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